Let’s immortalize your Pet with an original, colorful and hand-painted Watercolor portrait. I understand from my families experience how emotionally powerful loosing a pet can be. I am inspired by the love I have experienced from previous families and look forward to creating a very special painting for you and yours.

Original Watercolors that will become a treasured Family Hierloom!

Welcome, My name is Fred Smith

My life’s passion has been to create paintings that resonate with families and individuals expressing their unconditional love for their furry family members.

Your pets found their way into your heart and touched every aspect of your life. It’s my mission to treat your pet’s memory with the same love and respect!

I have made this process simple and affordable, so that you can enjoy every step of the way.

Again, I want to Thank You for trusting me with your pets’ memories and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Easy to Order and Affordable – A Great Family Heirloom!

Order process

My order process is simple and no-risk for my clients. If you like my work and would like a quote, email a photo of your pet  to

Next step, I will send you a size chart. You choose the size and I will reply back with your quote.


No upfront deposits. You have the final approval of the finished piece prior to billing. Delivery time depends on the time of year.

Upon approval I will send you an E – invoice and ship your painting once invoice is paid. EASY

Thank you

Custom Pricing

My pricing reflects my love of animals. Just simply email me @ (  your request for pricing. From there I will send you a size chart so you can pick the right size. Reply with the size and I will give you your price. 

Thank you for your interest.

It is my honor to create for you the image that will lift you up and make you smile for years to come. I understand how our pets reserve a special place in our hearts. It is my goal to create the family heirloom that you cherish. Your 100% satisfaction is important to me as an artist.  Again I look forward to creating for you!

Thank you

Please remember that 10% will be donated to a No Kill Shelter in your area. Help us to help the animals in need!

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